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What we do

Our range of award winning luxury artisan ice cream is produced from our very own milk. And we pride ourselves in doing it justice. We use local fruit where possible as well as other local ingredients such as fudge and honey.

We travel to Bologna annually to keep up with the latest trends in Italian ice cream production. We combine traditional techniques with British, seasonal ingredients to create both ice cream and ice cream cakes.

Our ice cream cakes are perfect for those special occasions. To order them head to our Get In Touch page and contact us with you order.

The Farm

The reason why our ice cream tastes so lovely is down to our beautiful free range cows. In 2001, after losing our original herd of black and white cows to foot and mouth, we re-stocked with a Jersey herd. The Jersey cows enabled us to start the ice cream business because their milk is so high in fat and protein, this creates very good ice cream.

However, over the last few years we’ve integrated black and white cows back into the herd while keeping a large proportion of pedigree Jerseys. This has created the ideal grazing herd which can produce milk efficiently from grass so we don’t need to buy in many outside products. This is a very natural style of farming and means that the cows get to stay out in the fields for at least 10 months of the year! It also has other benefits such as more vitamins and minerals in your ice cream and the environmental impact is much lower.

We also strongly believe that free range cows are happy cows and that is very important to us at Archers Ice Cream