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Author: Jane Akers

February on the Farm

February is a busy month at Archers, our spring calving herd starting to calve from the first to announce spring is in the way. We aim to have half of our herd of 350 cows calved by the 21st of February so it’s all hands on deck, the staff split into teams with the expecting...
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December on The Farm

December on The Farm More Turnips! As the weather changes moving into December the days become shorter and the nights colder. What we have found at Archers is a cows happiness is decided less by the weather and more by how full she is, the 4 chambered stomach produces a lot of heat so as...
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Ice Cream Cakes

At Archers we’re incredibly proud of our ice cream cakes. We have been making them since we opened in 2004 and are pioneers in the UK. They are perfect for special occasions and as an alternative to your regular Birthday or Christmas Cake. Head to our Shop page to look at some examples or call...
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November On the Farm

The weather presents most of the challenge at this time of year. With the daylight decreasing and the temperature dropping, the grass growth starts to slow. During the month of October, we continue to graze our cows day and night at New Moor farm thanks to the work and planning that has gone in during the late...
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Christmas Pudding

We know it’s early but Christmas Pudding ice cream is now in stock! Come down to your local parlour and stock up on your favourite Christmas pudding alternative.
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Post Covid – Social Distancing

As you can imaging we, much like yourselves, are very happy to be returning to a somewhat normal existence. However, we are only doing takeaway ice cream and coffees at the moment and people are not allowed to sit inside. This will be the case until we can assure that it is safe to do...
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